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What can I do if the key is broken in ignition or door lock?
Worn keys can often snap off in door locks and ignitions. In this situation technicians should first extract the broken car key and then re-piece the blade to create a new one. In most situations technicians should be able to extract the broken part of the key blade without removing the doorlock or ignition.

What to do if I lost my car keys?
If you can not find your keys, you have two options for replacing them. One is to contact the dealer, and another is to contact a car locksmith and allow him to take care of your lost car keys. Technicians should be able to produce new keys even if you have lost your main master key!

What to do if I lost my house-keys?
No problem, locksmith technicians can help you in this case too.

Can a locksmith solve the problem immediately?
Locksmiths can recover your misplaced automobile keys the same day .The dealer may not be able to fit you in for days or weeks and you can happen to wait for replacement keys to be delivered from overseas. Locksmith replacement car keys are always provided at a much ower price than the dealer.

Should I have spare car-keys?
In case you have only one key for your vehicle it makes sense to contact and locksmithj service provider and have them produce spare car keys. Today, using the highest level of computerised machinery, technicians are able to copy car keys for most vehicles. So don't wait until you lose your last car key!

What to do if I locked the keys in the car?
If you have accidently locked your keys in the car, locksmiths can help! Technicians should be able to assist with keys locked in the car and keys locked in the trunk. Specialist car technicians should have vast amounts of experience with gaining entry into vehicles without causing the slightest damage. The job should be performed by using specialist tools and techniques.

What to do if I want to change the locks of my residence?
In case of residential or commercial lock problems, contact your local locksmith service provider.

Just need a spare car key?
If you only have one key for your car, technicians can produce duplicate keys. They can make a direct copy of your coded car key depending on the type of the transponder chip. This type of car key replacement is produced utilising sophisticated equipment to copy the code onto a new transponder chip. However, new cars have an encrypted chip which technicians today should also be capable of duplicating and coding directly to your vehicle using diagnostic tools.



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